Here are some photos from different events I have planned & hosted in the past.

These photos are from our Starbucks event we hosted. We had a table set-up and users had to show their active profiles to receive a Starbucks gift card.
This was at UCF's College GameDay. It was known to be one of the biggest crowds College GameDay has ever had. We were showing off our school spirit and Tinder puns.
These are photos from some of our on-campus events. 

Burger U located on UCF campus. We handed out a ton of cool merch and gave away a bunch of yummy free burgers. Users met up with their dates and got a free bite to eat!

Puppies and Profiles. We brought in some cute dogs and hung out with users and helped fixed up their Tinder dating profiles.

This was actually one of our first on-campus events. We gave out free donuts and during this event we tried to get students passing by to sign up for Tinder. We ended up recruiting about 125 new users.

We handed out free pizza to users who showed their profile for national pizza day. We called the event "Single Slice"

These are some photos from our Off-Campus events. These events were usually hosted at Knights Pub in Orlando, Florida. These were our most successful events and where we had our biggest turnouts. Usually anywhere from 200-300 people would show up.

This was the Tinder Swipe-Off event. We had a huge turn out and came close to winning the contest to have Juice Wrld perform at our campus.

This was my team I worked with during my time at Tinder.  (Me, Joseph, and Alexa)

A good representation of our turn out for these type of events. Both of these are from different nights.

An awesome custom ice luge we ordered representing Tinder University!

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